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How to choose men's hair cosmetics?

How to choose men's hair cosmetics?

How to choose men's hair cosmetics?

Cosmetics are selected based on many factors. The type of hair, its character, the haircut itself and the styling you want to get. In general, there are 2 types of products: classic (like briolin) and matte (paste, clay, gel, powder, lipstick, tonic).

Briolin is generally the basis of classic styling. Its name comes from the French word brillant, which means "shiny".

It used to be made from caramel and pork fat. Caramel glued the hair together, and pork fat gave it shine. Obviously, today the composition has changed, now it is made on a water basis, but the essence remains the same. The fixation and shine are the same.

However, most people nowadays prefer matte products because they are not visible after application. But it's not that simple, because each product has its own properties and subtleties of use. It all depends on what result you want to get. For example, a paste will give a matte effect, powder will add volume, and salt spray will add texture. Varnish will fix the result.

Let's briefly orient you to the types of hair and the products that will best help to emphasize their strengths:


The main advantage of straight hair is that almost any styling product will suit it. A gel will give your hair a moist effect, while clay and wax provide a natural matte finish with a little more volume. Plus, you can always use hairspray to hold your newly created style in place.


Curls look best when left loose and bouncy, so curly hair owners should choose low hold products that simply let your curls do their thing. For example, a spray with sea salt. It's also a great option if you have oily hair.

Thick hair

Men with thick hair always look impressive, especially if it's well-groomed. But at the same time, you'll need a product with a stronger hold to keep those lush curls in place. So pomade or clay will provide the desired result.


Practicality is the main advantage of a short haircut. And so it is in this case: most styling products are suitable for men with short haircuts, but it is worth focusing on products that add texture. Again, a few spritzes of salt spray will create additional hold and preserve the texture. That's exactly what you need.


As your hair grows longer, it's a good idea to steadily phase out products that provide a strong hold and instead focus on leave-in products such as hair conditioners. Serums, oils and masks can also be helpful in moisturizing your hair and making it look great. But that's a bit of a different paradigm, we're still talking about something else today.

There are a dozen styling products, if not more. It is impossible to tell about all of them, therefore we advise to address for consultation to professionals, namely to 24, Zolotoustivska Street. Here they will carefully choose the styling that suits your hair type. Our team has experience working with all of the above materials, so we know what we're talking about. We're waiting for you, friend!


by Anton Kolosov

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