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Blastover (tattoo correction)

Tattoos are beautiful, non-standard, quite noticeable and forever! Frankly speaking it is worth paying attention to the last characteristic. Therefore, before applying a tattoo, you should think very carefully about the sketch and take care of a quality work.

If it happened very often that the result was not as you expected - here you can be helped by the procedure of covering the tattoo. Today's equipment and the approach of professionals make it possible to breathe a second life into a bad tattoo, well, or remove it altogether.

There are also cases when the tattoo is performed when the old one is no longer so relevant. After all, the interests are changing with the time. In addition, tastes also change with age.

It needs to be said that the adjustment of the tattoo should be entrusted only to an experienced master. Therefore, it is necessary to take seriously the search for a qualified professional.

Ways to cover the tattoo.

  • Finish the old picture. The composition and essence of the old tattoo is preserved. The master updates the color, contrast and contours.
  • Overlap. This method requires the development of a new pattern to hide the old tattoo. Here you should consider the colors. For everything to be good, you need to agree on a tattoo sketch with the master.
  • Blastover. Honestly, this is not exactly the thing. It is more correct to say that this is a new look for the tattoo. That is a correction. The goal here is not to overlap the previous tattoo, but simply to fill it with brighter and richer colors.

The procedure of applying a new tattoo on top of a failed one is accompanied by a number of features:

  • you need to use darker tones so you can hide the old tattoo;
  • in some cases, you need to lighten the tattoo by laser removal;
  • you will have to forget about a large selection of ideas, as possible tattoo options will be based on the existing already on the body of the failed previous image.

A new tattoo needs to be larger to cover the old one, sometimes even twice. In some cases, during the adjustment, the colors of the first pattern are added to the new composition.

There is no need to worry about the blastover if you have applied to Mr.Colt barbershop to adjust the tattoo. Our experienced master is well acquainted with all the important nuances. Using this service in our barbershop, no one will distinguish a blastover from a new tattoo.


Blastover (tattoo correction)

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Blastover is an opportunity to change a tattoo. Tattoo correction is a common thing today.

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